2016 Applecross Pinot Noir


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After recovering from the calamities of 2015, harvest of the 2016 took place 8 days earlier, on March 4th, under a fully netted vineyard. The crop level was 3.8 t/Ha with sugar at 13.3° baume, 3.4 pH and 7.2 g/L of acid.
One of the surprises we received from the re-training was that there were quite a few chardonnay vines in amongst the pinot. The only thing to do was to pick it with the Pinot and co-ferment, so about 2% chardonnay. We also added just under 10% whole bunches to the fermentation to add structure and complexity.
Fermentation commenced naturally after 4 days and progressed steadily through the next 14 days with just the odd pump over until applied some hand pigeage towards the end to liberate the last of the sugar. We then left the wine on skins for a further 4 days of maceration before pressing, and transferring to barrels. We added one new barrel to the mix this year, therefore, just under 13% new, the rest all older than 4 years. The wine completed malo in late April, and was sulphured on lees, where it remained for 10 months until blending in late January. Other than SO2, no additions were made to the wine. 185 dozen were bottled in February 2017. RRP $45